Gusto ko yung feeling ng panonood ng movies alone. Nung single pa kasi ako, madalas ko yun ginagawa. Feeling ko kasi ang distinct ng mga gusto kong movies compared sa mga kaibigan ko at ayoko naman yung may iniisip ako na meron kailangan mag adjust dahil lang yun ang trip kong mapanood at ang pinakarason is dahil nga iba ang trip ko sakanila, iniiwasan ko … Continue reading Cinehan

Beautifully Alone

Free yourself from what’s stressing you. Also, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Do not mind other’s business. Focus on your own progress! Build the most beautiful version of you always. Stop acting like you need another person’s validation to be happy cause you don’t. Learn to be contented with yourself because people might only end up disappointing you. No one could break you when you … Continue reading Beautifully Alone


I was driving downtown this morning trying to find a place where I can be alone It’s been weeks of feigning and another more would be a total defeat now. I trampled on myself to death just trying to escape this state of conflagration. Endlessly asking myself, Why do I still bother? The signals from my phone are starting to disappear now.. I stepped on … Continue reading Solace


I feel so pathetic and so disappointed at myself. I’m hurt and I know that it’s my fault. I feel like I’ve been doing so much but even after that, I’m letting myself settle for WHAT!! THIS!?? I can’t. I’ve been dealing with this for quite some time now. I tried so hard to understand and adjust to everything but it only makes me feel … Continue reading Crie


Truth is, I’m sick and tired of people telling me to stop overthinking. You have to 🛑!!! You don’t get it. I’m telling you things cause I trust that you’ll understand my thoughts and that although it’s not that deep for you, you’ll get that it’s hella serious for me. This is why I stopped talking. Why I refused to talk about what I think … Continue reading Overthinking