Hello!!! I know it has been awhile since I’ve written anything! So I wanted to publish an update on what’s happening in my life right now.. So to begin with, Gosh magtatagalog nalang ako para intense. Well sisimulan ko sa hindi naman masyadong bad news pero tama lang naman HAHAHAHA! So yun nga, last two weeks ago, nagtext na ang AdZU (where I applied for … Continue reading BES!

Still Up!

Hello! So It’s 10 PM now and I’ve decided to create the character’s profile for my webtoon. I know tonight is probably not the best time to start this since I’ll be having an exam on Thursday for this job that I applied for.. But this will be quick! Anyway, I’ll be at the library reviewing tomorrow the whole day naman! 😔 So let me … Continue reading Still Up!


I looked at myself in the mirror again late tonight.. I swear, I’ve never seen myself this beautiful without make up. Is it the glow? Or the smile that’s hiding within my eyes? Once again, I am happy. I glided my fingers through my hair for another round and I swear each strand was perfectly flowing. I don’t know, but I was truly happy. Time … Continue reading Dance


I guess realizations were made for times like this. That sudden attack of thoughts that floods your mind and suddenly you find yourself with a whole new perception of how and why things turned out the way they are. Refreshing yet alienating at the same time. The best part of realizing is the capacity of having to do something about such marvel. The way it … Continue reading S P A C E S


You know that feeling of wanting something so much but you stop yourself from wanting it cause maybe you feel like it’s just not the right time for you to have it? That you’re just not yet deserving of having it? That even tho it is in your reach, you choose to turn your back from it.. Just because you want something, doesn’t mean you … Continue reading Chill