Safer Spaces

I will let things go. I won’t let you fix what you cannot. I will be silent. No more persistent explanations. Instead, I will just keep a getting-to-know stage with you. It was very wrong of me to demand and keep on expecting things from you which are not really part of your system. I forgot that you are a person of your own and you have your own choices to make in life. I will continue to love you. But in guarded ways now. You are now free to do what you want and I will no longer stand in your way.

I realized that the choices that we’re making makes us who we really are and I want to know who you really are with the things that you want to do.. Like I said, we’re on this point where we are still getting to know each other and deciding whether the potentials we see through each others are enough to keep us going. We need this. Because the more I ask you to do things my ways and it does not fit your judgements, will only leave us with endless conflicts and dilemmas. That’s why I am setting you free at your choices.

I don’t know what’s going to happen but I can only hope that you’ll make me realize that you are the one I could love to the very end. But until then, I can only watch you and pray.

I will now guard my heart from you. Maybe one day, when the time is right and realize that the person I am in love with is rightful enough to take care of my heart, I can love you unconditionally and without a doubt I am yours to love completely…

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