I looked at myself in the mirror again late tonight..

I swear, I’ve never seen myself this beautiful without make up.

Is it the glow?

Or the smile that’s hiding within my eyes?

Once again, I am happy.

I glided my fingers through my hair for another round and I swear each strand was perfectly flowing.

I don’t know, but I was truly happy.

Time and time I thought I was confused when the truth was that I was rerouting to something beautiful.

How can a place like this be beautiful even when you’re not part of it?

Truth is, I knew why I felt sorry..

It was the happiness even without you.

I love you and I will always will

But I learned to love myself in a way you could never love me and with that, will you suffice?

I screamed over and over again for you to realize how alone I felt and how much I yearned for you but your screams only overshadowed mine and just like that, I noticed myself stopped whining.

Indeed, I was changing.

Pay attention to the love of your life. The moment she appreciates herself without you will leave you minor.

You won’t see her cry now, because she won’t need it anymore.

Once upon a time you were her home but lived happily ever after on her own.

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