A webtoon ✍️


OMG!!! OMG!!!!

So just this morning I got this feeling of wanting to write a story again and before I knew it, it was already all over my head! I got super excited with the thought and I decided that it’s something I must do!!!

I know it’s not going to be easy and would probably take months for me to finish but I’m thrilled to publish a new one! For the ones who don’t know, I published a story in my last blog but sad to say I wasn’t able to finish it since I was too occupied by the exams I had at that time. So right now, I’m planning to publish again but with a twist! I was hoping something like a short web toon series so that means I have to work harder to make it since I do not have too much talent when it comes to drawing.

But still! I’m excited to learn new stuffs and I’m really hopeful for your support. I’ll be posting an update on its synopsis and everything soon!!! ☺️

Thank you!

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