I was driving downtown this morning trying to find a place where I can be alone It’s been weeks of feigning and another more would be a total defeat now. I trampled on myself to death just trying to escape this state of conflagration. Endlessly asking myself, Why do I still bother? The signals from my phone are starting to disappear now.. I stepped on … Continue reading Solace


I feel so pathetic and so disappointed at myself. I’m hurt and I know that it’s my fault. I feel like I’ve been doing so much but even after that, I’m letting myself settle for WHAT!! THIS!?? I can’t. I’ve been dealing with this for quite some time now. I tried so hard to understand and adjust to everything but it only makes me feel … Continue reading Crie


Truth is, I’m sick and tired of people telling me to stop overthinking. You have to 🛑!!! You don’t get it. I’m telling you things cause I trust that you’ll understand my thoughts and that although it’s not that deep for you, you’ll get that it’s hella serious for me. This is why I stopped talking. Why I refused to talk about what I think … Continue reading Overthinking


Temporary disabled my social networking site accounts. I think I’ll have depression if I kept them on. I’ll be back, that’s for sure naman. It’s just too much to handle right now. So let’s not. I want to go somewhere far but I couldn’t drive right now. My hands are always trembling and I tend to breakdown. I can’t focus which isn’t really safe. This … Continue reading SNS


You might try your best to make me understand but I don’t think there’s any way I would. I might act like it’s okay but it’s not. It’s sad cause there’s no way you’ll know how I feel and even if you ask me, I will forever deny it and you’ll believe me. Also, making me get used to it would never make me get … Continue reading Odds